BLT with Tomato Bisque
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    Great food is just the beginning

    The story behind our restaurants,
    our food and our people

    our humble start

    In a nutshell, our story started in the small southern town of Oxford, Mississippi. A movie production had taken an old service station and retrofitted it into a 1950’s-style diner. After they finished, it sat vacant until a dentist bought the property. He had a vision of turning the abandoned set into a small restaurant. And in 1989—you guessed it—the first McAlister’s opened its doors. Much like today, we offered a unique menu with sandwiches, salads, spuds and a heaping spoonful of southern hospitality. We quickly became known for our great food, large portions, wide variety, and a welcoming environment… also one heck of a glass of sweet tea.


    McAlister's beginnings
    McAlister's today

    McAlister's Today

    Because of our popularity, we soon expanded into other college markets, throughout the Southeast and beyond. Now, we have over 400 restaurants in 28 states, and we’re just getting started. We continue to grow because guests keep asking us to move into their neighborhoods. They crave their favorite dishes. They seek our tasty new flavors. They want a community where they can sit back and share a few stories. No matter why they come by, we’ll make sure they get the experience they deserve...with some of the best darn food around. That’s what McAlister’s is all about and always will be.

    the food we love to share

    We are proud to serve real food that you can feel good about. We take the freshest and finest ingredients, deliver them handcrafted with our special touch, and always made-to-order just for you.

    The food we love to share
    Our Food

    That little something extra that makes our food so darn good.

    grown with pride
    Potato Farming

    Featured vendor: Ryan Wahlens, a 4th generation potato farmer and a man who knows his spuds.

    the perfect sip
    Tea Sip

    Everything you may want to know about our tea and it's "famous" reputation.

    sit back and stay a while

    If you enjoy sweet tea, great food and good company, chances are you’ll feel at home here at McAlister's. We’re as familiar and cozy as Mom’s apple pie. Here, nobody’s a stranger.

    "Genuine Hospitality"
    Guest being served food at McAlister's

    To us, hospitality isn’t a word, it’s our way of life.

    let's get better acquainted
    Our Team Members

    Get to know the people behind the counter, more than you already do.

    meet some other guests
    Fan close up

    We love our guests, especially when that feeling is mutual.

    we want to be good neighbors

    Our restaurants offer more than a place to eat, they are neighborhood gathering places, each with their own stories to tell. We are extremely grateful to our guests, so we always strive to be a part of our communities and look for ways to give back, both in our restaurants as well as outside of them.

    Let's get together

    We’re more than a good meal, we’re a good place to catch up.

    giving back

    How our restaurants help out in and around their areas.


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